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POPPIN With A Purpose Scholarship Campaign

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Choose your school

Download scholarship application

How does it work?
This is a 3 part application process:

  1. Complete profile & submit head shot (profile remains on file for 1 year or until graduation date whichever comes first)
  2. Once your school's campaign has POPPED (reached $250 goal) students whose profiles are on file and donors are notified of the current deadline to submit completed entry. Students can submit their transcripts and move to step 3 of the application by the deadline.
  3. Students create 15-30 second video clip on how they plan to pay it forward

When is the deadline?
Deadlines are rolling and are determined by the date that the campaign POPPED. It is the responsibility of the student to check websites, social media sites, to see current deadline. Ideally deadlines will be 3 weeks after campaign has POPPED*

How often are scholarships awarded?
Our goal is to award scholarships every other month. This depends solely on the success of the participating college/ university's orders towards their specific campaign. This is a rolling scholarship. Scholarships are awarded as long as there is money raised for the specific college/university campaign. Students are encouraged to apply year round. Their profile will remain on file for 1 year. Once students complete the application profile portion, participating students and donors will be notified that their campaign has "POPPED", meaning it has reached the $250 goal and the students can move forward with the additional portions of the application process.

How much of the proceeds go towards the campaign?

Who is eligible?
Current undergraduate and graduate students in good standing at participating college/ university with a GPA of 2.5 or higher(must submit transcript).

I’ve created my profile, the campaign has POPPED, now what?

Follow Kay's Kettle Corn on Facebook, Instagram and or Twitter (at least 2 of the 3 social media sites)

Post 15 -30 second video clip on how you plan on paying it forward if you are the recipient of this scholarship and post it on your social media site.

Tag Kay's kettle corn in video post on FB, ig, or Twitter

Direct your friends/ followers to “like” your video on one Kay’s Kettle Corns social media site (facebook, Instagram)

Get 50 "likes" on their video posted to Kay's kettle corn Fb or instagram page (20 likes must be on the same site, no combining of likes between social media sites)

How is money for the scholarship raised?
Friends, family and alumni place their order on the kayskettlecorn.com for one large bag of Kay's Kettle Corn from the POPPIN with a purpose option. $20 includes shipping. Choose the school they would like to contribute to. 20% of the proceeds will be placed in the schools POPPIN with a Purpose Scholarship fund for the specific school. Once there is $250 raised for the school a the scholarship will have POPPED and students can begin applying.

Can I win the scholarship more than one time?
No, unfortunately not. Our goal is to spread the love to as many students a possible.

How is the winner chosen:
What are you looking for in a winning student: student must be active in at least one volunteer organization that gives backs to the community or college. Students must get 50 “likes” on their video once posted on Kay's Kettle Corn FB or Instagram page.

What happens to the money if my designated college/ university campaign hasn't POPPED?
If after 2 years the campaign hasn't POPPED, the money in the campaign will be donated to thats schools college/ university alumni organization.

What happens to the money in the campaign if no student applies?
If no student has applied to a campaign that has POPPED after 2 years, the money in the campaign will be donated to the college/ university alumni organization.

How does my school become part of the campaign? Email us info@kayskettlecorn.com schools must be 4 year college or university and accredited by reputable regional agency.

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